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Why 4K LCD TV rapid expansion
- May 18, 2018 -

Why is 4K LCD TV at the time of listing will soon be able to quickly win consumers? 4K Ultra HD technology can bring significant improvement in vision, consumers will think you buy 4K TV in the future will be able to play all the power, 4K TV prices began to close than that of 3D TV more attractive. Korean brand LCD TV provides a strong support for improving the visual experience of consumers, and constantly promote the development of the television industry. In addition to the updated body material and manufacturing process, the key factor is the use of ultra-thin liquid crystal panel, which can make the LCD thinner. 4K technology has been applied to television, projectors, players and so on, the full HD resolution is 4 times higher, for more delicate pictures, showing more perfect picture details, can bring real experience to everyone, consumers are naturally more willing to pay. 

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