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4K HDTV has become the mainstream of the market
- Nov 23, 2017 -

There is no doubt that 4K HDTV is not the trend, but the conventional attributes of TV products. After all, technology needs to evolve, and products need evolution.

However, Forbes pointed out that the effect of television viewing is related to human vision, viewing distance, television size and resolution. Here's an example: you can sit on the lawn of a park and look down at your foot lawn, and you can tell a single leaf; but if you're 0.7 meters away from the lawn, you can't tell the difference between the leaves, just look at the one, and the television is the same.

So, on the basis of 2 vision, if you want to see the details of 4K TV, what conditions need to be met? After scientific research, you can find the answer through the figure above. If you list a specific value, the 55 inch 4K TV viewing distance is 2.5 feet (about 0.7 meters), 65 inches TV is 4 feet (about 1.2 meters). Obviously, 55 inches is the size most families usually choose, and 0.7 meters of viewing distance can tell the difference between the 4K quality and the 1080P, but few people will put their faces on the TV screen to watch.

Is there a better solution? Yes, but the cost is high. You can buy the bigger size TV and get the 4K details while watching the distance. For example, 105 inches of super large television, you can at 7 feet (about 2.1 meters) distance to see very clear 4K details. Price? Samsung and LG's 105 inch TV costs at least 100 thousand dollars (about 663 thousand yuan), of course, you have a large enough living room.

Since then, little significance, why TV manufacturers have to spare no effort to promote 4K TV? Like I said before, manufacturers need new concepts and new technology to make new products more selling, profit, in addition to general consumers will not be so serious, calculate the best viewing distance, feeling good and clear.

Of course, 4K TV is not entirely worthless, manufacturers based on the introduction of quantum dots, HDR technology, can make the screen looks more realistic, color and contrast is more prominent, which is worthy of recognition. The most important thing is that 1080P HDR TV is hardly available in the market.