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AI technology makes smart TV really smart
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Over the past ten years, smartphones have been more intelligent, which means that they can install a variety of App, and then make the phone has a wealth of functions, such as car, takeout, pay, and so on, become smarter, SmartPhone is more like a smart phone. Today, smartphones become really intelligent under the blessing of AI technology, for example, iPhone X can identify Face (ID) like a servant, and the ability of Siri, for example, is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the smart TV, the future of AI technology will become more and more important, such as similar to today's headlines application of personalized recommendation technology, the future will be more applied to the smart TV copyright operation (for content sharing, so each smart TV content there will be explosive growth), so that users can get thousands of thousands of people in the content the TV is recommended, everyone has their own special "TV"; another example of smart TV users accurately realized by AI technology, AI technology will be applied to more in the smart tv.