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Analysis of the development trend of smart TV industry
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Smart TV industry has always been the field of technology is king. In fact, in the past few years, China has been developing rapidly in the emerging industry of smart TV. In 2016, the smart TV industry is moving towards the screen technology, product form, software ecology and other aspects of in-depth progress.

Forecast 1: this year will welcome the replacement tide

Orville yunwang (AVC) public opinion data show that: the average user to watch the December 2015 TV every day for a long time about 5 hours, 1.5 hours more than in December 2014; the TV operation rate reached 62%, an increase of 11 percentage points compared to December 2014.

Orville yunwang (AVC) forecast data show that in 2016 Chinese TV retail volume market size will reach 47 million 390 thousand units, an increase of 1.4%, retail sales volume will reach 161 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 2.5%. From the demand structure, in 2016 the new demand for 4 million 550 thousand units, accounting for 10%; the original family of two times the purchase demand for 7 million 40 thousand units, accounting for 15%; replacement of 35 million 840 thousand units, accounting for 75%.

Insiders said that with the continuous upgrading of intelligence, the direction of future users update is mainly intelligent high-end, which will further promote the growth of China's high-end smart market.

Forecast 2: medium and high-end products will still sell hot

Insiders said that the direction of the industry leader at the beginning of the product tend to attract other manufacturers to follow suit, leading the entire industry consumption trend within a year. Samsung TV, the leader of the industry, announced yesterday that nearly 40 models of TV products were aimed at the high-end intelligent market.

Orville yunwang (AVC) forecast data show that in 2016 retail sales of smart TVs will reach 39 million 600 thousand units, accounting for 84%; surface TV retail volume will reach 3 million units, accounting for 6%; retail sales ultra-thin TV will reach 3 million 800 thousand units, accounting for 8%; retail sales high color TV will reach 7 million 200 thousand units, accounting for 15%; retail sales of OLED TVs will reach 200 thousand units, accounting for 0.4%; retail sales of laser TV will reach 10 thousand units, accounting for 0.02%.

Insiders said that with the arrival of the update peak, China's high-end smart TV market is expected to further open, and its competition will become increasingly fierce.

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