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Buy small spacing LED should pay attention to the three elements
- Nov 23, 2017 -

In order to ensure the comfort of the view, the primary concern is the brightness when the users choose the small distance LED products. In the traditional LED display technology, reducing the brightness of the screen will result in the loss of gray, and the loss of Gray will directly affect the quality of the picture, that is, the color is not rich enough. Therefore, an important criterion of high quality small spacing LED screen is to achieve "low brightness and high ash" technical indicators.

In the actual purchase, the user can follow the brightness level of the human eye can better identify the principle of brightness level of the so-called, refers to the human eye can distinguish images from the black to the brightness level of the white, more brightness level is identified, shows the color gamut display between the more empty, colorful display the natural potential is bigger also, video color is more bright, more high saturation.

Point spacing selection should pay attention to balance effect and technology

Compared with the traditional LED display, the outstanding feature of small spacing LED is smaller point spacing. In practical applications, the smaller the point spacing, the higher the pixel density, the closer to the viewing distance, and vice versa, the more suitable for viewing distance.

In order to achieve the best visual effect, the small distance LED display has the best sight distance, the user can make a simple calculation, and there is an established formula, that is, the best visual distance = point spacing /0.3~0.8. The smaller the point spacing, the higher the cost of the small spacing LED display, so in the actual purchase, users should consider their own cost, demand, application range and other factors.

Resolution: attention should be paid to the back-end signal transmission

For the LED display with small spacing, spacing is smaller, the higher the resolution, the sharpness of the picture is high, but in the actual operation, the industry users want to build small pitch LED display system best, on screen their own resolution at the same time, also want to consider the collocation and back-end signal transmission products.

For example, in the security surveillance applications, front-end monitoring system, including D1, H264, 720P video signal, 1080I, 1080P and other formats of video signals, but not on the market of small spacing LED screen all can support the above several formats, so in order to avoid the waste of resources, users in the purchase of small spacing LED screen, must choose according to need, should not blindly chase trends.

At present, small spacing LED display is still in the stage of development, in order to purchase in actual, users should not blindly catch up with the trend and ignore other factors, especially should pay attention to choose big brands, good reputation of enterprises to purchase. A set of cost-effective small spacing LED system is the joint effect of many factors, and this article emphasizes the three aspects, is the user in the purchase of the key elements of application.