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How to choose a good quality bright LCD screen
- Nov 23, 2017 -

1, using the crystal glass brand to determine the value of the product, the main commercial brand (Tianma, Innolux, AUO, CMO) general bright LCD screen manufacturers will choose the main LCD glass LG. Of course, other can also, mainly for each brand of large size liquid crystal glass, high temperature difference, there are some gaps in prices.

2, highlight the LCD backlight uniformity, general manufacturers Gao Liangping uniformity may only reach 65%-75%, good point manufacturers uniformity can reach 75%-85%, point type can reach more than 90%-95%. Of course, the price of a good bright screen is not the same.

3, highlight the brightness of the LCD screen, generally good bright screen brightness is high, but it will be softer, not dazzling, it is not equivalent to the backlight illumination, (like the sun, light is strong, but also dazzling) The brightness value is a color value related to the circumference, made out of the screen color saturation, contrast, and backlight illumination. So looking at the very bright screen does not necessarily reach the brightness value we require, because the human eye see is the illuminance, illuminance by the environment, space size, and many other aspects of the impact, the instrument is the brightness measured.

4, temperature, temperature is referred to pay attention to the inside power bright LCD screen good made low, the heat is low, which is the main core is the encapsulation of the LED backlight, and the application of optical performance, the process is not standard, the light efficiency does not come up bright, screen made possible the heat emitted by the greater, but also need to reduce the cooling technology with backlight temperature, to ensure the normal use of the LED backlight, but this one is just to solve the backlight, not solve the problems encountered in high temperature liquid crystal glass, to highlight the screen is only half that the source used in outdoor products, it is a manufacturing heat, so the current market there will be enterprises in the screen back shell with aluminum, (to change by heat conduction and radiation), not the standard system. That highlight the most important screen back or in the back light technology, rather than in the external structure of radiating this piece, backlight technology can reach a good color, need high color saturation, high contrast, high uniformity, high brightness, no glare, and control LED backlight emission the heat of liquid crystal glass. The most important point, the higher the temperature is, the more light LED backlight blocks, service life is short.

5, professional degree, highlighting the screen is not only the source of good quality (LED lamp), light lamp selection, packaging technology is also not good, light, LED cooling process is not too good, nor bad light guide technology, light guide technology good light efficiency of the good is not good, so in the bright LCD screen to choose a good time, we must pay attention to whether the professional manufacturers, now in the society which making money, most people choose to do, most are in imitation or know only one or two of these, the whole system really seldom solve the backlight.