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How to choose the HDTV they need
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Home appliances are now summer sales promotion season, all kinds of discount activities emerge in endlessly. But the reporter learned that, for many consumers to buy high-definition TV, special type, the technology market of various brands of complex terms, especially 3D, LED, IPS and so on some English words, so people can not find the clue, some businesses and even the terminology when a selling point to attract consumers to buy high-end products.

"In the store a morning stroll, stroll more like the more confused!" yesterday noon, is a chain of home appliance stores in the city to buy TV consumers Mr. Yang told reporters, "originally intended to buy a large size of a TV watching the Olympic Games, the technology, all kinds of English selling letters too much, no resolution and contrast.  The key is some TV technologies a few letters, the price will be the difference of a few thousand dollars! "Another consumer Ms. Zhang also said that a lot of English nouns are the initials cannot read, the sales staff to explain is not very clear, caused a lot of obstacles to buy television.

Reporters learned that in the interview, Mr. Yang and Ms. Zhang encountered this problem in the current color TV market is indeed more prominent. Reporters interviewed rough statistics, only common English expression has more than 10 kinds, including 3D, 4K, LED, OLED, HDR, IPS, SUHD and so on, different letters represent different technical characteristics, but also represents a different price. Taking the more popular "4K" TV as an example, it is almost twice as expensive as the same size without "4K". According to the reporter, the so-called 4K actually refers to the resolution of the screen can reach "high-definition" standard 4 times, but for most of the ordinary TV programs or DVD video consumers, ordinary high-definition enough, and can not use the resolution of 4K. Another example of OLED technology, refers to the use of TV can be self luminous OLED panels, without backlight, can make TV thinner, more power saving, but because of the current technology is also a cutting-edge type, the price is much more expensive than ordinary tv. To 65 inches (165cm) TV, for example, the ordinary panel model price is usually 5500 yuan to 6000 yuan, while the use of OLED panel TV, you want to sell more than thirty thousand yuan, the price gap.

Appliance industry professionals said in an interview, when consumers wish to buy television according to their own needs and budget, do not simply believe that new technologies and new functions must be worthy of pursuit, so that no matter what kind of words English manufacturers do a selling point, nor too much about the purchase plan. At the same time, the industry also called for, when manufacturers in the selling point, should be accurate, detailed and easy to understand for consumers to express, don't kick up a cloud of dust.