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lcd LCD screen splash phenomenon how to do it
- Nov 23, 2017 -

LCD LCD screen has a wide range of uses, such as automotive products, industrial instruments and other electronic devices. When the LCD LCD screen in the process of use will always appear flash screen, so as to affect people's use, what should we do? What are the factors leading to the flash screen of LCD LCD screen?

1, the screen itself frequency is too high, resulting in flash screen. But in real life, few devices are flashing because of the high frequency. According to industry related personnel, people's eye is no more than 60Hz for flashing feeling screen, and LCD screen design standard LCD general basic is maintained in the data, so under normal circumstances will not appear too frequently, but also does not exclude the screen itself failed. But after the relevant instrument testing is indeed the fault of the screen itself, in addition to replacing the new monochrome LCD screen is the device related software design, the best way is to increase the IC OSC frequency, to see the flashing LCD screen. Of course, if the LCD screen has a separate row and column drive, you can also adjust the settings of the driver chip.

2, LCD LCD screen and light source frequency is similar, cause flash screen situation. This situation is very common, due to different light sources with different frequencies, in certain cases, LCD LCD screen and artificial light of similar frequency occurs when the flashing is also more common at this time, the best way is a kind of artificial light or LCD LCD device, to avoid the splash screen.