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The future of ultra-thin TV more advantages
- Nov 23, 2017 -

In the existing market mainstream TV size, consumers want to buy TV size 74.7% from 42 inches to 55 inches, the large size of the television the most popular consumer, from this point, this year's major TV manufacturers have listed a large size main push models can also be predicted.

On the one hand, the market continues to introduce the main push size for users. On the other hand, in the background of national consumer advocacy to promote economic development, consumer spending increased gradually, with the large size TV more high-quality audio-visual experience has gradually become enthusiastic about consumer products, the large size of the TV, now has gradually become the mainstream configuration of the living room.

In the most popular TV size, the advantages of Ultra Slim flat screen TVs are more obvious than those of curved LCD tvs. Ultra thin flat screen TV is more consumers choice than curved TV, most consumers will pay attention to the light and thin degree of TV when buying TV, and now the feature of ultra-thin flat TV is to use integrated module design to make TV ultra light and ultra-thin. Achieve perfect wall hangings, improve space utilization and harmony of home space. From the appearance, consumers will be more inclined to ultra-thin flat tv. Korean TV is more innovative, more high-end products, is the trend of television technology development, and easier to match the home decoration style.