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How To Adjust The Ratio Of The Best TV Screen
- Nov 23, 2017 -

We usually call the ratio of screen width to height as the aspect ratio (Aspect Ratio, also known as aspect ratio, or called screen scale). At present, the screen ratio of LCD TV generally has two kinds of 4:3 and 16:9, so how should the TV screen ratio be adjusted? If you are still worried about this, maybe the following can help you.

Almost all of the movie's picture proportions are standard 1.33:1 (exactly 1.37:1, but as a standard, collectively referred to as 1.33:1). That is to say, the width of the film is 1.33 times the height. This ratio is sometimes expressed as 4:3, which means that the width is 4 units, and the height is 3 units. In 1950s, the newly born TV industry was faced with the question of what screen proportion to use as a TV standard.

In order to move the film to the TV screen, the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) decided to adopt the college standard as the standard proportion of television, which is the origin of the proportion of 4:3 TV pictures. This proportion is still the dominant standard of television.

Because of this tradition, at present we receive TV programs are such a proportion, so the LCD TV screen ratio is also dominated by 4:3. However, the real movie is generally wide screen, wide screen movies will be converted to 4:3 will cause the picture quality, shape or loss of contents, in order to better on the TV to watch movies, 16:9 TV screen ratio appeared, and the future high-definition TV will primarily use the ratio of 16:9, so far there are also some LCD TV to use such proportion of the screen.