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How To Choose High Quality LED Display Screen
- Nov 23, 2017 -

With the issue of energy saving and emission reduction intensified, many countries and regions in the world have introduced policies to vigorously support the development of energy saving and environmental protection LED industry, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers are scrambling to launch various energy-saving technology screen. High efficiency and energy saving screen is not a technical improvement of a device, but the overall scheme of technical innovation in many aspects. The high-end, high-end performance is not only the material components, processing technology of a new, scientific and reasonable structure design, also has a single point detection and correction function, the brightness uniformity of the control in the range of five percent; and the box also need to improve the flatness, improve display effect, reduce the screen fault the rate of.

Energy saving, suite for a new design, reasonable control of tolerance, were able to adhere to the appropriate gap between modules of high and low temperature work; LED lamp current is smaller under the same brightness, can effectively reduce the heat; box device with intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control, reduce the display temperature, improve the effect of display, extended display life. There are advanced technical support, the screen in energy saving, environmental protection and product quality is guaranteed, the following is for you to collate a number of judgment methods:

Constant current noise reduction technology: LED display driver chip LED display chip system is advanced, leading the system in full color LED display field. Combined with the characteristics of the chip, a constant current noise reduction technology has been developed to ensure that other noise sources such as power supply affect the LED display screen to a minimum. Brightness adjustment technology: in order to adapt to different weather, so that the display screen to achieve the best display effect, LED electronic display designed brightness 256 level adjustment device, to ensure that the entire LED display in all kinds of environments can achieve the best display effect.

The strong convection heat discharge system: when the LED full-color display screen works, the heat emitted by the screen is higher. In order to ensure the whole display system running in a stable state, the research on the cooling system of the display panel has a set of strong convective heat discharge system. In addition, the heat transfer effect of aluminum is used to make the heat dissipation system more stable and reliable. Environmental protection materials special protection technology: using environmental protection materials, through special process, without filling glue, can make the LED display module to achieve waterproof, dustproof, and anti ultraviolet environmental protection purposes. LED display itself is energy saving products, how to choose efficient energy-saving and practical application of high quality LED display, according to the customer use of the site, combined with the above technical characteristics, select the appropriate economic and environmental protection LED electronic display screen