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How To Do LCD TV Maintenance
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Avoid long time

To avoid the continuous use of the length of time, that is, let TV rest for a long time, the use of long time will make the TV internal parts of high temperature, burn out the internal parts or accelerate the aging of parts. Staying in the same screen for a long time will cause some pixels to overheat and cause the screen to have no pictures. In order to avoid this situation, try not to press the pause button while watching DV or other videos.

Keep dry

Keep the TV dry, long time work will make the high temperature heating parts inside, the moisture damage encountered is self-evident, some families do not use television, but also should be the all electric, watch TV, let the parts heat up to repel moisture inside.

Remove dust

Because of the static electricity, the screen surface of LCD TV is easy to be contaminated with dust. But clean water is an unwise way to clean. First of all, the cleaning effect is general, and easy to leave water mark. More importantly, liquid crystals are very susceptible to permanent damage due to moisture. (if water drops penetrate into the screen, don't let the electricity evaporate, so that the water evaporates slowly in the warm environment)

In fact, liquid crystal cleaning cloths and cleaning solutions are available. Professional cleaning cloth cleaning effect is better, soft texture (do not think that can be replaced by glasses cloth), cleaning liquid also makes cleaning effect is more excellent. In order to avoid scratching the screen, or to use professional as well.


According to the physics principle, when the TV works, the outer surface of the phosphor screen carries charges and forms an electric field. This electric field charged dust in the air under the action will be attached to the surface of the fluorescent screen, after a considerable period of time, accumulate and affect the viewing and even the formation of dark spots, causing the tube failure error. Therefore, the appearance of TV screen cleaning has become a necessary work for TV users.

The outer surface of the fluorescent screen cleaning must be carried out in the off state. At the same time not cleaning with a feather duster, silk and other objects, because this kind of goods and glass products after the friction will make charge; if we use this kind of goods to clean the screen, not only does not sweep clean, but such items will be on the dust, silk and wool etc. attached to a fluorescent screen. Not to use the so-called electric finishing agent or other detergents and other things to clean up the fluorescent screen. Because they are more or less acid, alkaline, corrosion of glass products, fluorescent screen surface finish will have an impact.

Actually, it's a good way to clean the surface dust of the fluorescent screen with camera lens cleaning paper. Using the method of artificial lens paper is similar to a non woven fabric softness optical lens cleaning paper making special, detailed miscellaneous tissue could damage the lens in the sand, paper reinforcement hard sundries completely removed, so use it to clean the screen surface, not only will be scratched, and the dust removal effect well, does not produce static electricity, will not appear in the attachment, so as to achieve clean and protect the screen surface to.

When using, the lens paper is used to wipe the surface of the fluorescent screen along the same direction, and then the paper is added with a little strength to wipe the surface of the fluorescent screen carefully. It should be noted that the first time is light, so as not to scratch the surface of the phosphor screen. With this method the dust screen after the bright and sweep dust before the image fuzzy sense.