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How To Prevent Children From Watching TV Addiction
- Nov 23, 2017 -

I believe that many parents have encountered such problems, children love to watch TV at home, say, do not listen to control, and even move out of grandparents, police uncle to deal with their own parents

1. gradually reduce the time of children watching TV, do not force to turn off the TV, because watching TV has become an important spiritual life of children, turn off the TV is tantamount to a rough deprivation of children's rights, easy to make children conflict;

2. proper arrangements for children watching TV time, reasonable discharge of their learning, rest, watch TV timetable. Young children can watch TV as a reward for them to develop good behavior;

3. parents can watch TV programs with their children, not only can create a harmonious family atmosphere, but also avoid some TV programs to bring bad effects on children.

4. parents to set a good example, the children are convincing, parents must first make reasonable arrangements for the time, try not to open the TV when the children write their homework.