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LED Display Transparent Screen Market Future Development
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Now, facing the market that has entered a new economic era, facing the manufacturing environment that has undergone new changes, it is very important for China's LED display industry in the transformation and Development Bureau to find new development bonus and find its own development orientation. In recent years, with the expansion of the market demand of LED display industry and the widening application field, LED display products also show a variety of development trends. As the LED display industry in the transparent LED display screen to the bright younger generation, eye-catching attitude toward our vision, especially since this year, adding LED display transparent screen development enterprises gradually increased, from the optimization of product structure, expand product applications, a transparent LED display screen time development of a trend which cannot be halted.

The transparent LED screen in the beginning edge, to adapt to the rapid development of LED display market trend, LED display transparent screen has also been widespread concern in the market, whether it is in the glass curtain wall, window shops, or stage applications, have made no small development. Especially in digital choreography, different from the traditional LED display screen, transparent screen "visible" and "invisible" seamless handoff, let it become the darling of the stage show. But now, in the application of digital dance on the LED display screen is more transparent and traditional box screens, as "icing on the cake" supplement.  Then, the LED display screen can display transparent completely out of the traditional exists in the digital market stage a Xiongbayifang?

Always pay attention to the beauty of digital dance interpretation, it is difficult to obtain the breakthrough in the update to use a traditional LED display, and brought a new fashion of LED transparent screen for the stage. When you need to display the corresponding content, you can "stealth" when you don't need it. This kind of display device is more suitable for the changeable stage, and the LED screen transparent screen assists. The application of this LED display transparent screen in digital choreography, is dazzling. The use of LED display screen to create a transparent ever-changing style of fantasy, cool, light and strong collocation characteristics, let the light and image integration, to create an atmosphere with dynamic; Zhejiang TV Festival year, LED display screen and transparent mechanical arm combined with 68 screen falling with the dynamic layout, let the stage change more vivid and beautiful, and strengthen the interaction with the atmosphere of the audience;

The design of digital images and choreography of the need to take into account the variability of lighting, shading and traditional display in a certain extent on the digital stage design, so the layout of the traditional screen on the stage is limited. In contrast, display a transparent screen, because of high permeability characteristics, has little effect on the light, or even part of the digital designer even lights set behind the screen, which also broadens the possibilities of the digital art design. In the past two years, the LED screen transparent screen began to shine in the field of outdoor, commercial display, stage. With innovative, high transparency, strong sense of technology, and the environment more fit and various characteristics, LED display screen display transparent rapidly high-end business market, fashion, technology and places of all ages, has opened up a specific path, occupies a unique position in the fierce competition in the market, with LED display price will also rise.

Although the LED screen transparent screen is less than 100% of the transparency, but translucent features, still can give almost transparent visual experience, in the case of not bright, and the building exterior wall is integrated, greatly reducing the impact on the appearance of the building. Thus, in recent years, more and more businesses have chosen the LED display screen to decorate the transparent glass curtain wall buildings, shopping malls, etc. especially in science and technology enterprises. And in terms of business, fashion brands, high-end products also like to use LED screen transparent screen to foil the style of brand and product. When the content is broadcast, the transparency of the background can not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also highlight the product itself, so that high-end brands such as automobiles, fashion clothing, jewelry and so on are more favored for the transparent screen display.

Different from the previous display of bulky and neat appearance, LED screen transparent screen light and beautiful features will continue to help develop a broader market. As early as 2012, American research institutions predicted that the market value of transparent displays would be about 87 billion 200 million dollars by 2025. In today's commercial display, stage display, outdoor digital advertising and other fields display the growing demand situation, LED display transparent screen market volume will also be more and more big.

Although the LED screen transparent screen beautiful, not shading, but it is still more with the traditional stage screen with the use of less real "single beam" time. As the traditional display is difficult to get rid of the limitations of the shape, LED screen transparent screen also exists short board - the screen is not as good as the traditional large screen, clear and delicate, full of color. This defect makes the display transparent screen is still difficult to completely replace the traditional display, create immersive digital dance scene. LED screen transparent screen at the expense of density to obtain higher transparency, then its clarity is inevitably damaged, the screen display effect can not be compared with the traditional big screen, but in the construction of real scenes is particularly difficult. Moreover, the translucent features make the transparent screen easy to be affected by light. When the light is too bright, the transparent effect of the transparent screen will be weakened.