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LED TV Shopping Skills
- Nov 23, 2017 -

What is the name of the "strict LED TV LED backlight LCD TV", refers to the LED as a backlight LCD TV, LED TV in the strict sense refers to the full use of LED (light emitting diode) as imaging devices TV, it is the use of a super high density with TV function display applications LED display design, size is not limited. It uses the LED light source instead of the traditional fluorescent tube. LED TV has the advantages of better picture quality, longer theoretical life, more energy saving, more environmentally friendly manufacturing process, thinner LCD panel, etc., but not all LED TV has the above advantages, consumers must open their eyes when buying.

The most prominent advantage of the preferred LED TV is the clearer picture, wider color gamut coverage, higher color restoration. This is one of the main reasons why LED TV is more expensive than ordinary LCD tv. In addition, LED TV only use LED as backlight can not necessarily make the image quality better, must have good quality image processing circuit and technology backing, otherwise there will not be the ascension of the image quality.

Consumers can make shopping guide member connected to the same signal source at the time of purchase, it is best to watch high-definition signal contrast, if the definition is similar, even less than the ordinary LCD TV, it proves that the nominal LED tv. Also can let consumers shopping guide to the TV screen to watch blue signal state or state, if it is found that the TV with the four corners of the center part of the uneven brightness, light leakage or around the screen, which shows that the manufacturer of LED TV technology is not mature, the quality of the basic circuit processing technology is not ready, the LED TV the quality of as can be imagined.

Secondly, look at energy saving. LED TV power should be lower than ordinary LCD TV, if the power consumption of LED even ordinary LCD TV is not comparable, consumers should not easily buy.

Again, look at technology and configuration. One of the most important core technologies of LED TV is the availability of backlight zoning control, which enables the TV to perform better in picture quality, lower power consumption and longer service life. There are only a handful of manufacturers with this technology. In addition, the TV screen resolution and processing speed of the key chip, in the choice of LED to see whether they have a 1+1 chipset and DOT reduction system, if the chip processing speed or single chip, will cause the screen is not smooth during playback, playback of HD can not reach the point point, but not up to full HD Play the standard in the future. The identification method is: under different signal source playback, the menu brightness contrast one of the parameters to adjust, will find two different signal source parameters are different, if the same, it shows that the TV is a single chip processing. In addition, from the HD audio and video playback point of view, LED can play HD video VC1, H264, HD audio, DTS, LPCM and other high-definition format, which is one of the important criteria to identify the pros and cons of LED LCD tv.

And then look at the brand. LED LCD TV since 2007 began to develop, insiders told the author, there are only 5 brands in the world to truly master the LED core technology. Most manufacturers called LED TV mostly OEM or hastily assembly production line, the technology is seriously immature, there are many unknown technical defects of consumers. Such manufacturers have a feature, that is, the sale of the venue can only see a small number of one or two models of the so-called LED TV, can not cover the entire product size segment, due to the immaturity of the technology can not be applied to all sizes of LED LCD tv.