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Smart TV How To Maintain
- Nov 23, 2017 -

In recent years, the development of smart TV is very fast, the function of TV is more and more, the screen is more and more big. Generally can install software, watch 3D movies, play the storage media audio and video resources. For example, SKYWORTH's cool start, millet TV, Iqiyi tv...... Wait。

Smart TV than ordinary TV delicate, if improper use habits, will make the system damage and failures of electronic components due to the short life, so we need to use more correct and careful maintenance.

Correct switch machine

Today's flat panel TV is more like a tablet computer, with all kinds of hardware and software. So we need to treat it like a computer. When you start the machine, first set up the set-top box, speakers, game consoles and other peripherals, and then open the tv. Shutdown: first turn off the TV, and then set the set-top box and other equipment.

The purpose of this is to protect the circuit board of the TV set from the sudden shock current of the external equipment during startup

Dustproof, moisture-proof and thermal protection

To achieve this "three defenses", smart TV is the product of high-tech, although in harsh environment can work, but definitely not the best environment. You can buy a TV cover without using TV for a long time. If the electronic component is dusty, it is not easy to heat, and the heat will lead to the accelerated oxidation of the original metal. A long time will be bad contact. And if the environment is humid, electronic components will easily rust and corrosion, resulting in damage to components. In winter, hot objects like electric kettles and electric heaters are not put on the side of the TV set.

Protect the LCD screen

Smart TV screen is very delicate, need careful maintenance.  When the screen is dusty, you can wipe it with a soft wet cloth, and wring it off. Don't let the water get into the panel. Or you can buy a special screen cleaning liquid to scrub, wipe the time should not be too large, the screen is very fragile.

Watching TV time

TV long continuous work will lead to the heating of its internal components, when the temperature is too high may cause the original burn. Because it doesn't have as many cooling fans as computers do. The LCD screen temperature will shorten its service life.

Therefore, the general continuous work not more than 5 hours, when people leave for a long time, you can turn off the tv.