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The Difference Between Smart TV And Regular TV
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Smart TV is a fully open platform, equipped with an operating system, users enjoy the ordinary television content at the same time, you can install and uninstall all kinds of application software, continue to expand and upgrade the function of new TV products. Smart TV can continuously bring different personalized experience to the users, using cable digital TV receiver (set top box).

LCD TV in strict sense refers to the full use of LED (light emitting diode) as the imaging device of the TV, generally used for low precision display or outdoor large screen. The home appliance industry in mainland China usually refers to LED TV strictly is the name of the "LED backlight LCD TV", which replaces the traditional fluorescent lamp with LED light source, the picture quality, the theory of longer life, more environmentally friendly production process, and can make the liquid crystal display panel thinner.

LCD TV has the advantages of wide color gamut, Shou Yongchang, environmental protection and energy saving. Ultra-thin appearance.

Smart TV: have broadband Internet access capability; can receive and playback from the Internet access to all images, music and other data stream; you can download and execute the application, all kinds of specialized development include game; network communication function; a new remote control device, and various mobile terminals and interactive links.

The difference can be simply understood as LCD TV pay attention to hardware quality, etc., and smart TV focus on entertainment, video and other software functions

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